Exploring the Future of AI The Advancements and Challenges Ahead

Here's how to follow the State of the Union: The Hill will provide live coverage through a livestream and live blog, featuring Biden's address and analyzing various policy and political aspects of the event.

Exploring the Future of AI The Advancements and Challenges Ahead

President Biden's second State of the Union address will take place on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the third year of his presidency. The speech will be thoroughly covered by various networks, with pre, during, and post-speech analysis and discussions on what Biden will address and the reactions to his speech. The public will have multiple ways to watch the address, including the Republican response from Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The speech is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, before a joint session of Congress.


C-SPAN's coverage of the State of the Union address will commence at 8 p.m., hosted by Peter Slen and Greta Brawner. The network will provide a preview of the speech, with Katherine Tully-McManus of Politico giving the political context and Julia Azari, a political science professor from Marquette University, analyzing the history and evolution of the State of the Union. Live footage of the arrivals, speech, and Republican response will be shown on both C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2. Pedro Echevarria will also give the reaction to the speech from members of the House and Senate.


NBC will provide extensive coverage of the State of the Union address across multiple channels and platforms, including live footage of the speech and analysis.

NBC News will cover the State of the Union starting at 9 p.m., led by Lester Holt, anchor of "Nightly News," and Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of "The Today Show" and NBC's Chief Legal Correspondent. Holt will host a live special edition of NBC Nightly News from Washington before the address. 

NBC News Now, the network's online streaming platform, will air coverage from 8 p.m. to midnight, hosted by Tom Llamas and Hallie Jackson for the first hour and then simulcast with NBC News's coverage of the speech starting at 9 p.m. MSNBC's prime-time coverage will be hosted by Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Nicolle Wallace starting at 8 p.m., and later by Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi starting at midnight.

NBC News and CNBC.com will each provide a livestream and live blog of the State of the Union address. Noticias Telemundo will offer coverage led by Julio Vaqueiro, including a special prime-time program starting at 9 p.m. featuring Washington correspondents and expert analysis of Biden's speech and the GOP response. The coverage will also be available on NoticiasTelemundo.com, its mobile app, and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Exploring the Future of AI The Advancements and Challenges Ahead


ABC News will provide coverage of the State of the Union on ABC and via ABC News Live from 9-11 p.m. David Muir, anchor of "World News Tonight," will lead the prime-time coverage. ABC News Radio will offer live anchored coverage of the event and the "Start Here" podcast will provide reactions and analysis from its team at the Capitol.


CBS's coverage of the State of the Union will be led by Norah O'Donnell, anchor and managing editor of "CBS Evening News." CBS News Streaming will begin its prime-time coverage at 8 p.m. The network will air a special report on the State of the Union from 9-11 p.m., simulcasting on CBS and its streaming platform. After the address, CBS will provide analysis followed by a replay of its coverage for late-night and West Coast audiences.

CBS News Radio will begin its coverage at 9 p.m. with live broadcasts of President Biden's speech and the Republican response.


CNN will start its coverage of the State of the Union address and the Republican response at 8 p.m. Jake Tapper will anchor from Washington and Anderson Cooper from New York. Alisyn Camerota will later join for late-night coverage and Laura Coates will take over for the early morning hours. The coverage will be available for live streaming on CNN's website and its iOS and Android apps from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Fox News will begin its coverage of the address and the GOP response at 9 p.m., anchored by Bret Baier, chief political anchor and host of "Special Report", and Martha MacCallum, anchor of "The Story" and executive editor.

The Fox Business Network will broadcast the same coverage as Fox News during the State of the Union event.

Fox News Radio's coverage of the event will begin at 8 p.m. and can be accessed via its affiliate stations, FoxNewsRadio.com, or the Fox News Channel app.

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