Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Limited Edition

Samsung announced its new line of Galaxy S23 smartphones. The device is rumored to bring some improvements compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S22. Soon after its release, the brand releases special edition variants of its smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds each year after the launch. Now, Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Limited Edition in the South Korean market.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Limited Edition

 This special edition smartphone features some changes in the device's appearance and a different color scheme compared to the standard version. However, these extra adjustments increase the device's price, making it more expensive.


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Special Edition has been launched in South Korea with a price tag of KRW 1,727,000 (USD 1,300), or approximately IDR 21 million. The price is slightly higher than the standard variant.

The limited edition device variant will be available for purchase in the country until February 13, 2023. The brand is only releasing 1,000 units of the device, and it will only be available in one storage option: 12/512 GB.

Exploring the Features and Performance of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra A Comprehensive Review

Regarding the differences between the normal variant and the BMW M Edition, there is no difference in the hardware of the device. The brand only made some adjustments to the packaging, the items provided, and the appearance of the device. 

This special edition device comes with a BMW-oriented packaging box. packaged with a hard case equipped with a kidney grille and G80 engine hood design because it is modeled after the classic BMW M3 E30. Six badges representing various eras of BMW performance vehicles are included with the phone. 

The BMW roundel was also released last year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company. The phone itself has a boot animation that mimics the original BMW M3, and it is all stored in a box that has a strong BMW theme.


A miniature air compressor, an analog watch, a sunglasses case, a poster, a photo book, a keychain, and a metal "We Are M" emblem are some of the additional items. A starter package voucher for the BMW Driving Center in Incheon, South Korea, will also be given to lucky customers. Qualified instructors at this driving school will provide in-depth advice on how to improve your driving skills. That's the difference between the BMW M Edition and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is the first major smartphone to be released in 2023, and given that it was unveiled on February 1 together with the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's among the best devices money can buy this year.

The entry-level Galaxy S23 from Samsung isn't a major advance over the Galaxy S22, but it is a strong rival to similarly priced devices like the iPhone 14 and Google Pixel 7 Pro thanks to a small design update and one very substantial internal enhancement.

The Galaxy S23 and its larger sister, the S23 Plus, both ditch the elevated metal contour of the S22 in terms of design.

The Galaxy S23 and its larger sister, the S23 Plus, both ditch the raised metal contour of the S22 in favor of individual camera lenses in the S22 Ultra style, despite the fact that the phone is roughly the same size and weight as its predecessor. 

Samsung decided not to carry over the S22 Ultra's impressive camera setup and 108 MP sensor to the S23. As a result, the S23 still has a 50 MP wide lens, a 12 MP ultrawide lens, and a 10 MP optically stabilized 3x optical zoom camera. Although the front camera only has 12 MP, it is still an improvement over the S22's 10 MP selfie camera.

The strong Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is the key selling point of the Galaxy S23 and its larger siblings, is this phone's biggest enhancement.


We've compiled information on the Samsung Galaxy S23's price, specifications, design, display, and much more in the sections below.


At its Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1, Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy S23 alongside the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone may be ordered now and will arrive on February 17.

The 128GB and 256GB storage options for the Galaxy S23 are available and cost $79.99/£849/AU$1,349 and $859.99/£899/AU$1,449, respectively. The 256GB and 512GB storage models of the bigger Galaxy S23 Plus are available and cost $999.99, £1,049, or AU$1,649, and $1,119.99, £1,149, or AU$1,849, respectively.



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