Apple to introduce AirPods Professional 2's USB-C variation later on this year

Apple recently presented the iOS 16.4 launch prospect for developers, that includes recommendations to new AirPods with model code A3048 and a brand-new AirPods situation birthing model classification A2968. Inning accordance with well-known expert Ming Chi-Kuo, these are most likely the USB-C variation of AirPods Professional 2 introduced in 2015 with a Lightning port, and their mass shipments are expected in between 2Q23-3Q23.

Apple to introduce AirPods Professional 2's USB-C variation later on this year

Kuo didn't divulge anything else about the AirPods Professional 2's USB-C variation, and it is uncertain if these will simply be the AirPods Professional 2 being available in a billing situation featuring USB-C or if there will be other equipment changes.

Apple is also expected to introduce the iPhone 15 schedule this year with a USB-C port rather than the Lightning port, and Kuo claims Apple presently has no plans for USB-C variations of AirPods 2 and 3, meaning the AirPods Professional 2 will most likely be the first TWS earphones from Apple to switch from Lightning port to USB-C.

Apple to introduce AirPods Professional 2's USB-C variation later on this year

Apple certain took its wonderful time to upgrade the AirPods Professional, but we finally obtained the AirPods Professional 2. Powered by the H2 chip Apple is bringing a brand-new low-distortion chauffeur and amp aboard that can cover a wider range of sound regularities. The design remains much like before with in-ear silicone tips and stems on the side.

Spatial sound - Apple's border sound technology is upgraded with the personalized Spatial Sound feature. It works by using the TrueDepth webcamera on your iPhone to produce an individual spatial sound account based upon the form and dimension of your ears.

Energetic sound cancelation (ANC) obtains advanced computation sound with optimized microphone positioning. Apple claims you should anticipate 2x better sound cancelation compared with the first generation AirPods Professional.

Flexible openness is a brand-new setting that listens and cancels any high decibel sound about you - say a building website while toning down the effect once you're further away and in a quieter environment. Apple's Force sensing unit control factors currently obtain additional touch manages for quantity modifications.

Battery life is ranked at 6 hrs of paying attention time and 30 hrs with the situation. The new billing situation works with the Find My solution many thanks to UWB as well as obtains a audio speaker that can play high pitch sounds to assist you find it. The situation can be billed from its Illumination port or wirelessly via any Qi battery charger, MagSafe battery charger or Apple Watch battery charger.

Apple AirPods Professional 2 will cost $249. You can place orders from September 9 while open up sales begin on September 23.

Sound quality, energetic sound termination, Spatial sound, battery life

Alright, let's obtain the greatest point off the beaten track - the AirPods Professional 2 sound great and they are extremely improved over their precursors.

The initial AirPods Professional were a big step up from the open-fit AirPods. They had better sound seclusion many thanks to the in-ear design, which also lent them better bass qualities. The initial Pros had a broad soundstage with pronounced vocals and an eager recreation of tools. Yet their sound was muddled in the center and became tinny and screechy at greater quantities. Their top midrange did not have presence, while the sub-bass had not been very outstanding.

The AirPods Professional 2 address each of those problems. For beginners the soundstage is equally as wide but more clear - the sound is more vibrant so it fills the gaps that left the old set seeming mushy and muddled. The top midrange has more presence and beyond, there is more sub-bass. And the AirPods Professional 2 can go louder without compromising sound quality.

So improvements throughout the board. If you are everyday using the AirPods Professional and are considering the Professional 2 for their sound, you will feel a visible improvement


There you go, the AirPods Professional 2 are great. They sound far better compared to the previous Pros, have meaningfully better battery life, and excellent Energetic sound termination. They're also better in every way compared to the open-fit AirPods 3 - more sound seclusion, ANC vs no ANC, better bass, wider soundstage, and so on.

But truly, what did you anticipate? It is just all-natural that Apple made the new AirPod Pros above their three-year-old precursors.

The question should you buy the new AirPods Professional 2 or otherwise is easy enough to answer too - if you have actually the initial Pros, after that obtaining the new ones will bring a myriad of improvements. That is further enhanced if you have actually an AirPods 2 or 1. Obtain the AirPods Professional 2, you will not regret it.

If you own the AirPods 3 after that the question is harder. Switch to the AirPods Professional 2 if you need Energetic sound termination, or else, maintain your current buds.

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