BOE omitted from the initial OLED panel purchase for iPhone 15 schedule

As component of Apple's plan to decrease its reliance on Samsung, the company desires to expand its OLED provide chain by taking the Chinese OLED manufacturer BOE right into the blend. Up previously, Apple has relied entirely on Samsung and LG, with the previous taking the mass of orders.

However, Apple's iPhone 15 manufacturing isn't mosting likely to plan as BOE panels are yet to satisfy the quality requirements. Apparently, BOE's OLED manufacturing has inconsistent yields and there is a popular light leak about the intermediary for the Vibrant Island.

BOE omitted from the initial OLED panel purchase for iPhone 15 schedule

Still, the record originating from TheElec recommends that BOE isn't totally from the blend. It looks like the Chinese manufacturer is production progress, but it will not make it on schedule for the initial OLED purchase, so it will take part in later on batches. Consequently, Samsung will need to get the relaxed and will begin manufacturing a month previously compared to planned.

BOE is a Chinese company that manufactures display panels, including OLED panels. OLED panels are used in high-end smartphones, including the iPhone lineup.

In the past, Apple has sourced OLED panels for its iPhone models from companies such as Samsung, LG Display, and BOE. However, BOE has reportedly faced quality control issues with its OLED panels, which may have led to its exclusion from the initial OLED panel order for the iPhone 15 lineup.

Apple is known for its strict quality control standards, and it is possible that the company has decided to prioritize other suppliers that can meet its requirements. It is also possible that BOE could still be included in future orders for OLED panels for the iPhone lineup, depending on the company's ability to address its quality control issues.

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