Galaxy S23 collection battery contrast vs OnePlus 11, iPhone 14, Pixel 7, Galaxy S22 collection

The Galaxy S23 collection, launched in February 2023, is currently commonly available both on the racks in the typical choice of traditional stores as well as inside users' pockets, quietly clicking and ticking with their Android benefits.

Galaxy S23 collection battery contrast vs OnePlus 11, iPhone 14, Pixel 7, Galaxy S22 collection

Among the intriguing improvements that the Galaxy S23 collection delivered over its precursors is improved battery life; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chip inside is for no small component in charge of that newly-scored effectiveness, which helps Samsung's newest showpieces to truly stand apart.

In this article, we will contrast how the new Galaxy S23 Extremely, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 fare versus the interior and external competitors in regards to overall battery efficiency. How do the reputable triad contrasts versus some of the best Android phones available in the US in 2023, and how do they accumulate versus the best iPhones out there?

Galaxy S23 collection internet browsing battery test

First up, we'll be exploring the outcomes of our custom Wi-Fi battery test, one which we've depended on for many years. This custom test tons a predefined list of webpages and mimics scrolling backwards and forwards each of those, enabling us to imitate a relatively standard internet browsing experience. Before we run the test, we constantly set up every phone's illumination as shut as feasible to 200 nits so that we have an equivalent having fun area with all the phones we test. What's more, in the test listed below, all phones ran the test with their displays transformed evaluated 120Hz revitalize rate.

Galaxy S23 collection internet browsing battery life test

  • Apple iPhone 14 Professional Max19h 5 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra18h 57 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+16h 37 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro16h 18 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 1415h 23 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+15h 16 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S2315h 21 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus14h 51 minutes
  • Msn and yahoo Pixel 7 Pro14h 19 minutes
  • OnePlus 1113h 22 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra13h 17 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 412h 43 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S2212h 23 minutes

The Galaxy S23 Extremely, with its huge 5,000mAh battery and efficient chip but a power-hungry QHD+ screen, prices incredibly well versus the competitors. As apparent in the table over, Samsung's newest satisfaction and magnificence is up there with the very best amongst its rivals and lasts simply timid of 19 hrs in our custom internet browsing test. That is in the exact same ballpark as the iPhone 14 Professional Max, which both racked up outcomes in the 19-hour area.

Compared to some of its various other competitors, such as the new OnePlus 11 and the Pixel 7 Professional, the Galaxy S23 Extremely is way, way in advance, racking up 4 to 5 hrs greater than those rivals. Those outcomes are actually comparable to what the Exynos-powered Galaxy S22 Extremely and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 racked up as well, highlighting the big jump in effectiveness that the Galaxy S23 Extremely brings ahead.

What about the Galaxy S23 Plus? The middle-of-the-road front runner telephone is also powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip but has a somewhat smaller sized 4,700mAh battery, but it also has a screen with a reduced resolution, so the overall power attract is smaller sized compared to on the Galaxy S23 Extremely. One of the most small new Galaxy, the S23, comes with the tiniest battery at simply 3,900mAh, but many thanks to the efficient chip and the 6.1-inch display, it still provides excellent battery life, all points considered.

How does the triad fare versus last year's Galaxy S22 with Exynos on deck? Way, way better, all points considered.

Galaxy S23 collection 3D video pc gaming battery test

Our 3G video pc gaming test places a great deal more stress on the GPU of a telephone and aims to recreate a true-to-life video pc gaming situation. The same 3D video pc gaming environment is packed up on all phones we test, with their displays evaluated the same 200-nit illumination in purchase to accomplish a reasonable contrast.

Galaxy S23 collection 3D video pc gaming battery life

3D Video pc gaming

  • Apple iPhone 14 Professional Max8h 39 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus8h 18 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra7h 13 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+6h 47 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 146h 44 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 6h 7 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+5h 40 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro5h 38 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra5h 21 minutes
  • Msn and yahoo Pixel 74h 43 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S224h 29 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 44h 28 minutes
  • Msn and yahoo Pixel 7 Pro4h 11 minutes

The Galaxy S23 Extremely, much like its peers from the remainder of the galaxy schedule, is a graphics-crunching beast many thanks to the excellent Snapdragon chipset inside. This definitely places the Galaxy S23 on the same pedestal as also the newest iPhones when it comes to video efficiency, which is a considerable improvement in contrast with previous Galaxy front runners. But for the length of time does the Galaxy S23 Ultra's battery last when video pc gaming?

Our battery criteria test shows that Samsung's top front runner is greater than dependable when it comes to battery back-up throughout extensive video pc gaming sessions and just disappoints the iPhone 14 Professional Max, which ekes out approximately a hr and a fifty percent more. Still, at 7 hrs and 13 mins, it is not likely that you will be disappointed with the Galaxy S23 Ultra's battery life.

The mid-sized front runner also prices fairly well in regards to battery back-up throughout video pc gaming, just tracking to phones with far better effectiveness, such as the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Professional Max, but prices far better compared to its similarly-sized competitors such as the Pixel 7 Professional, and also defeats last year's Galaxy S22 Extremely. This can be associated to the way more efficient chip aboard.

Finally, one of the most small Galaxy S23 defeats many, many phones, consisting of all last year's Galaxy S22 phones, the iPhone 14 Professional, and Google's new Pixels. An extremely major outcome for a small Android front runner telephone!

Video clip playback

Finally, our video clip playback criteria test has us loophole a playlist of the same video clips on all device we test, giving an extremely real estimate of how big of a toll this popular task gets on the newest front runner phones. Customarily, with this test we have the displays evaluated 200 nits of illumination as well, and the quantity is readied to maximum loudness as well.

  • Apple iPhone 14 Professional Max11h
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus10h 53 minutes
  • Msn and yahoo Pixel 7 Pro9h 39 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro9h 14 minutes
  • Msn and yahoo Pixel 79h 13 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra8h 54 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 48h 47 minutes
  • Apple iPhone 148h 35 minutes
  • OnePlus 118h 23 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+8h 18 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+8h 15 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+8h 15 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S238h 6 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S227h 26 minutes

In this test, the Galaxy S23 Extremely sheds to most of the iPhone 14 collection as well as Google's new Pixel 7 phones, as it just accomplishes a battery life dimension of 8 hrs and 54 mins. Do not obtain us incorrect, that is outstanding, but except the iPhone 14 Professional Max and iPhone 14 Plus' outcome of nearly 11 hrs in the same race. On the other hand, the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Professional accomplish up-wards of 9 hrs in video clip playback, a reputable outcome by itself as well.

What about the Galaxy S23 Plus and the routine Galaxy S23? They do not fare very well. Although both accomplished up-wards of 8 hrs in our dedicated battery life test, they were still exceeded by their competitors. Not an extremely motivating outcome, but at the same time, you have more compared to 8 hrs of battery life while streaming video clip, which is still an outstanding outcome.

Final thought

The new big bad boy on the Android scene, the Galaxy S23 Extremely, prices quite well in our tests. Samsung's new showpiece shines in the internet browsing and 3D video pc gaming test we ran, which means that it is up there with the best and assisting set new criteria for its competitors to beat. Alas, it fared slightly even worse in our video clip playback battery test, but still provides an outstanding outcome of nearly 9 hrs, which is just bested by Apple's top iPhones and Google's new Pixes.

While some of our tests expose that the Galaxy S23 Plus and the Galaxy S23 still shed to some of their direct competitors (or predecessors), you'll most certainly be hard-pressed to be disappointed by their battery life numbers. Certainly, while they didn't fare extremely outstanding in the video clip playback and 3D video pc gaming test, the duo actually prices quite well in our internet browsing test, which means that you have definitely absolutely nothing to worry about if you would not video game on your telephone or watch great deals and great deals of media. Again, routine daily use on either the Galaxy S23 or the Galaxy S23 Plus provides greater than excellent outcomes

Overall, compared with in 2015 and the Exynos-powered Galaxy S22 collection particularly, Samsung's Galaxy S23 Extremely, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 are a great jump in the right instructions, finally providing greater than appropriate battery life not just in the US, but in all areas throughout the globe. Here is to hoping this will be a pattern that will stick on for many years to find!


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