Garmin Side 540 and Side 840 bike computer systems dripped in advance of their launch

An on the internet seller has provided a listing of the yet-to-be-released Garmin Side 540 and Side 840 computer systems. The duo are upgraded variations of the Garmin Side 530 and Side 830 computer systems launched in 2019. The new models begin the heels of the launch in 2015 of the Garmin Side 1040 and 1040 Solar biking computer systems.

Garmin Side 540 and Side 840 bike computer systems dripped in advance of their launch

Although the launch day for the approaching Garmin Side 540/ 840 has not been provided, it appears impending. The seller listed the models along with pricing information. The listing of the Garmin Side 540 and 840 were from Adorama, a US-based electric products seller. It listed the Garmin Side 840 and Side 840 Solar but both listings were consequently removed. The Garmin Side 540 and its solar variation were also listed by Adorama.

While information and specifications of the Side 540 were minimal, more information was offered the Side 840 models. The enhancement of solar power billing technology is a key improvement in the new models. An expanding variety of Gsrmin smartwatches feature solar billing technology. The battery life of the solar models depends on 32 hrs on normal use or up to 60 hrs in battery-saver setting. The maximum battery life estimates are accomplished when access to sunshine is feasible. Garmin's ClimbPro is also upgraded in the models. It shows up the ClimbPro could run independently of preplanned routes, just like the Hammerhead Karoo 2.

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Connection features in the previous models are expected to be sustained in the new schedule. The new Garmin bike computer systems will also feature multi-band GPS, Power Guide, and Endurance features present in the Side 1040. The Garmin Side 540 will retail at $350 while the solar variation will cost $450. The Garmin Side 840 had a price of $449.99 while the 840 Solar was valued at $549.99. Garmin has not provided any official information about the approaching models yet.

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