Hisense Trembles Up the Premium TV Market with New 100-inch E8K TV

The premium TV market is ringing with excitement as Hisense prepares to reveal its newest enhancement to the E8 collection: the 100-inch E8K. Recently, the official Hisense Video clip website launched a sneak peek video clip, teasing "100 inches of imagination, 100 percent beautiful." The new item is scheduled to be introduced on March 23. Here are the details…

Hisense Unveils Front runner 100-inch E8K, Revolutionizing the Premium TV Landscape

Hisense Trembles Up the Premium TV Market with New 100-inch E8K TV

In September, Hisense presented its recommendation video clip item, the E8H, which uses the ULED X display technology system. The E8H flaunts industry-leading features such as 500+ dividers backlight, XDR, and a 144Hz high revitalize rate. Consequently, the E8H has become the top premium TV with the highest picture quality in the industry, with the 65-inch and 75-inch models covering the best-selling list on JD.com's "Housewarming Event 3C Premium Flat-panel TV List."

With the approaching launch of the E8K, speculations are plentiful regarding the innovative features and upgrades Hisense has in store. For beginners, Hisense is expected to improve its "light control ability" by integrating its self-developed 16bits ecological light control, XDR, Xinxin picture quality chips, and the first-released Obsidian screen right into the E8K. This move is most likely targeted at iterating and surpassing the light control dividers, which will attract those that desire the supreme picture quality.

Moreover, the E8K is anticipated to provide to a variety of situations, such as home video pc gaming and movie cinemas. It will accomplish this through the addition of movie-level wide color range, ultra-high revitalize rate, and new AI knowledge technologies.

As expectancy develops for the E8K's launch, the question remains: Will the Hisense E8K become the new "King" of premium TV picture quality? On March 23, at 8:00 pm, Hisense will secure its video clip account, and the official Weibo, Douyin, and video clip accounts for Hisense TV will be available together with significant ecommerce systems such as JD.com, Tmall, Suning, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Pinduoduo, which will all start offering pre-sales for the new Hisense TV E8 collection.

Obtain ready to experience the spectacular 100-inch E8K, as Hisense aims to redefine the premium TV market and bring the beauty of life right into sharper focus.

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