Huawei P60 collection supports no-power electronic RMB payment

Huawei has made an interesting announcement about its new front runner mobile phone collection, the Huawei P60/Professional/Art, which supports electronic RMB resettlements also when the telephone is powered off. This is accomplished through the phone's security component, NFC interaction abilities, power condition noticing, and wise communication technologies. This innovative feature means that customers can pay simply by touching their phones with each other, without the need for electrical power.

Huawei P60 collection supports no-power electronic RMB payment

To ensure the security of electronic RMB no-power resettlements, users can control deal dangers by setting the variety of no-power resettlements and enabling small-amount password-free resettlements. If the variety of no-power resettlements exceeds the user's set limit, payment cannot be made, and if the quantity paid exceeds the password-free limit, the user needs to confirm the payment password on the receiving device throughout the deal.

Users that are worried about the risk of funds, they can choose not to enable small-amount password-free resettlements. Rather, they need to confirm their password on the merchant's POS machine before production a repayment. If the user sheds their telephone, they can visit to the electronic RMB application on another telephone and shut off the no-network and no-power payment function to ensure the security of their funds.

Presently, the Huawei P60, Huawei P60 Professional, and Huawei P60 Art support electronic RMB no-power payment, with various other models to be slowly introduced. To set up electronic RMB no-power payment, users need to activate the Huawei purse hard purse feature in the electronic RMB application and follow the Payment Setups to enable the No-Network and No-Power Payment Switch.

This innovative technology makes sure to improve the payment experience for Huawei telephone users, and as the development of electronic RMB progresses, we can anticipate to see more situations sustaining no-power resettlements. With the security measures in position, users can enjoy the benefit of no-power resettlements without needing to worry about the safety of their funds.

Follow these actions to set up electronic RMB no-power payment: Electronic RMB Application > Activate Huawei Purse > Payment Setups > Enable No-Network and No-Power Payment Switch.

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