Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

Similar to the smartphone industry, the smartwatch market has experienced a period of standardization in the past few years, with comparable designs and features. However, Huawei has decided to introduce a new and innovative product to the market, the Huawei Watch Buds. 

Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

This smartwatch is a complete package that comes with magnetically attached wireless earbuds integrated into its casing. While this is not the first such product on the market, it is the first one from a major technology brand, making it worthy of our attention.

Right out of a James Bond movie with the deployable earbuds skillfully attached listed below the screen, the Watch Buds offers a front runner smartwatch experience with Consistency OS 3.0, energetic health and wellness and sporting activities monitoring in a stainless-steel housing.

The entire idea appears great for individuals that dislike bring their earbuds or tend to lose them. But how does the included functionality affect the smartwatch and are these tiny earbuds any great? Here is what we discovered.


Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

Huawei Watch Buds is a large smartwatch and probably not appropriate for those with smaller sized wrists. In truth, it is the biggest smartwatch we've had for review with its 47mm housing measuring 15mm in density. Of course, space comes with a costs and we need to consider the presence of a set of cordless earbuds inside the smartwatch, which are 10mm thick by themselves. The combined package evaluates 66.5 grams - greater than the 46mm Huawei GT 3 Professional (54g) and also the chunky Apple Watch Extremely (61g).

The spacious 1.43-inch AMOLED display brings filled shades and great viewing angles. Such as most of the premium Huawei smartwatches, you obtain Always-On display (AOD) functionality and auto illumination control. The housing is made from stainless-steel and while the watch really feels significant, the weight is balanced well.

The develop is great and the products used on the watch housing and band are top-notch and did disappoint any indications of wear throughout the review duration. There is a clasp system positioned listed below the 6 o'clock note on the watch call which props the screen up to expose the earbuds. The system is strong and does closed by unintentional touches. The just various other switch on the housing is the crown switch on the right-hand side. Unlike the crown aspect on Huawei's GT 3 collection views, this doesn't permit you to scroll.

Moving on the more fascinating bit - the small earbuds housed inside the watch. They are bullet-shaped buds with a steel alloy housing that really feels strong yet light-weight. Each earbud measures 22×10×10 mm and evaluates 4 grams. They are incredibly tiny - as long as 4 silicone ear tips piled in addition to each various other and it is a real design accomplishment how Huawei managed to in shape the drivers, microphones, sensing units and batteries in such a small package.

Watch Buds features an IPX7 score in its shut specify while the earbuds are IPX4 splashproof. That is a concession compared with most premium smartwatches which support proper sprinkle resistance scores and permit you to go for a swim with no concerns. However there aren't that many looks out there that have an area inside them with a set of cordless earbuds.

One individual gripe in regards to the product packaging is the lack of a 2nd silicone watch band. Huawei should have included an extra band in package as this watch is tailored towards joggers and energetic individuals and the natural leather band will certainly age badly with an extreme exercise regimen.



Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

As a smartwatch, Huawei Watch Buds offers the expected health and wellness monitoring feature set consisting of 24/7 heart rate monitoring and SpO2 monitoring via Huawei's TruSeen 5.0 optical PPG sensing unit much like on the Huawei Watch GT 3 Professional collection. The 8 photosensors and updated formulas are said to deliver more accurate health and wellness information processing. Additionally, you also obtain accuracy rest and stress monitoring as well as taking a breath exercises to assist you unwind throughout the day. The rest monitoring option brings rest apnea monitoring as well as detailed break downs of your rest stages and a general score.

Huawei Watch Buds supports monitoring for over 80 sporting activities settings with unique operating and marathon educating programs to assist you get to your specific objectives. The watch has its own GPS component to assist you track your runs and strolls in real-time. You also obtain Vo2 Max dimensions, exercise healing programs and the option to sync your goes to Strava if you're a devoted jogger.

A couple of words on the Huawei Health and wellness application - it is available on the Application Gallery and the Application Store. It offers a great design layout for your health and wellness monitoring documents with more detailed metrics and graphes for each category. You also reach manage the watch and earbud setups through the application under the device tabs. There is a bevy of watch faces and you can set up some of them with problems of your choosing however most of them are paid. The earbuds tab allows you set up the EQ

Unfortunately the watch doesn't come with mobile connection or an integrated audio speaker but the included earbuds offset the last. NFC exists and works with Huawei Purse however this feature is area reliant. You also obtain basic notice management with established fast respond options. Various other miscellaneous features on the watch consist of a weather condition application, songs manages, a remote video cam shutter and the ability to include several of your favorite get in touches with for easy calling via the earbuds.


Moving on the earbuds, you are not jeopardizing a lot compared with a conventional set of cordless buds in regards to features. They support the AAC, SBC and Huawei-proprietary L2HD sound codecs. You also obtain an EQ modification option within the Huawei Health and wellness application for better adjusting over the sound output.

Energetic sound cancelation (ANC) is also aboard and each earbud brings double microphones to assist shut out undesirable sounds. Completions of the buds feature capacitive touch control locations with programmable double and triple-tap options. They charge wirelessly in their cradle within the watch via 2 cordless billing rings that help deliver power to every of the 30mAh batteries within the buds.

You control the earbuds via programmable three-way faucets and double. These motions work on the earbuds themselves as well as on the sides of your ears - you can tap almost anywhere on your earlobes and the buds immediately acknowledge the faucets through their integrated sensing units.

The various other cool feature is the flexible recognition technology which means there is no dedicated left or right earbud here - they can immediately switch in between networks and help both sides of your ears. The way it works is by calibrating the earbuds based upon your going

movement and body position and it functioned as guaranteed throughout our testing.

You can also answer phone telephone calls on your paired mobile phone by simply fascinating the buds right into your ears without needing to touch anything on the watch or on your telephone, which works if your telephone goes to the various other finish of the room.

The buds feature wear discovery which quits or resumes media when they are inserted or removed from your ears. They also come with an ear suggestion in shape test and a find my earphones feature which plays a loud song to assist you locate them if they are lost. You can also send out tunes to the look for offline paying attention however this feature just deals with certain Android phones and EMUI.

One big drawback to the buds is that they just connect to the watch and your paired mobile phone at the moment of writing this review. Huawei did promise to expand the connection options to various other devices such as laptop computers and tablet computers with a future software upgrade but the option isn't available yet.



We're happy to record that Huawei Watch Buds performs on the same level with the Huawei GT 3 collection views in regards to health and wellness monitoring. This means you obtain accurate step and operating statistics which also encompasses the heart rate, SpO2, stress monitoring and rest. 

Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

Huawei offers some of the more detailed health and wellness and exercise monitoring metrics on its wearables complete with specialized items for joggers. Runs obtain the included benefit of specialized metrics such as speed, stride size, cadence and VO2 Max analyses - all routine metrics on specific runner-centric views.

The onboard GPS tracker on the Huawei Watch Buds is accurate enough to map your strolls and runs also in the thick city facility and it handles to secure you place in an issue of secs. You also obtain heart rate analyses and heart rate area analyses for your exercises as well as healing heart rate metrics right after you are finished with your sessions. As with all wise wearables, you should take the resulting information with a grain of salt as Watch Buds isn't a clinical device and just offers a simple indicator of your well- task efficiency and being.

Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

Consistency OS 3.0 really feels smooth and stylish on the Watch Buds and the integrated applications all work great. Unfortunately there is no chance to install third-party applications unless you are on a Huawei telephone and also after that the application choice is quite limited - Flower Maps, Spotify controller and a tablet pointer application. This isn't a smartwatch that will fully change your telephone such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch however you obtain all the basic requirements to earn do - fitness and health monitoring, call and notice management as well as the standard set of smartwatch devices and applications.

Notice management on here isn't ideal as you just reach see inbound messages and notifies with the option to send a brief established reaction which doesn't work throughout all applications. Connection on the Watch Buds got on point and functioned all right throughout Android, iOS and Huawei phones that I evaluated. My detailed health and wellness and exercise information was readily available on the Huawei Health and wellness application with more information and the history sync functioned well.


As subjective as sound reviews are, the Watch Buds earbuds sound impressively great for their petite dimension. They are no suit for earbuds with bigger drivers such as Huawei's own Freebuds Professional 2 however their small dimension deceives how well these tiny buds sound. The default sound account is balanced without over-pronounced regularity bands.

Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

Huawei is also offering the option to switch your EQ sound account in the Huawei Health and wellness application with Bass boost, Treble boost and Voices accounts to assist song your sound inning accordance with these subsets. Call quality on the earbuds readied in peaceful atmospheres however individuals on the various other finish had a difficult time listening to my articulate in louder locations.

The buds also offer HD call which attempts to improve articulate clearness throughout phone telephone calls however I didn't notice a big distinction with it allowed. The motion manages functioned perfectly in my testing and I was surprised that they were accurate most of the moment also when I was touching about my ears and not straight on the earbuds.

Energetic sound cancelation (ANC) is powerful and provides a visible decrease in fixed sound about you. It is no place close to the degree you had jump on set of over-ear earphones however a tiny set of earbuds - it is great enough. As an included bonus you obtain an EQ adjusting option inside the Huawei Health and wellness application. The quantity appearing of the earbuds is a little bit less than on most of the standalone buds we've evaluated in the previous months.

Battery life

Watch Buds brings a 410 mAh battery - that is much less compared to the Huawei GT 3 Professional (530 mAh) and you are sharing that capacity in between the earphones and watch. In my use, I could manage one week's well worth of battery life with all health and wellness task monitoring options allowed on the watch with 3 continuous notices and exercises.

Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

That is quite outstanding for a 2-in-1 device and comfortably defeats the similarity the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Views. Using the earbuds more proactively brings a big tax obligation on battery life reducing the combined use time to simply 3 days, which

As a smartwatch, Huawei WatchBuds drops brief on battery life compared with what the Huawei GT 3 Professional would certainly obtain you by itself. A good set of earbuds could easily last you over 5-6 hrs of use with their billing situation consisted of while the buds on here will last you no greater than 3 hrs of playback.


Huawei is offering something nothing else smartwatch from a recognized brand name can obtain you with the Watch Buds - a set of cordless earbuds inside its housing. The earbuds are a genuine design wonder by themselves and sound great, however not just comparable to the front runner earbuds in Huawei's FreeBuds range. Their greatest drawback is they are just functional with the watch and your paired mobile phone.

Innovation Meets Convenience: A Review of the Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatc

In my time with the Watch Buds, I was more impressed with the sound from the tiny earbuds compared to the real smartwatch bit. Watch Buds is basically a Watch GT 3 Professional but with a week's much less battery life and a significantly thicker and heavier housing to accommodate the integrated earbuds.

Huawei should consider pressing these earbuds to the marketplace by themselves simply for their mobile dimension and great sound as there are couple of options from the established brand names. From a dedicated smartwatch viewpoint, Watch Buds offers the standard array of features you had anticipate but disappoints most premium views in regards to resilience because of the lack of waterproofing.

At €499/£449 , Huawei Watch Buds is a difficult sell provided that you could buy a costs smartwatch and have money to spare on a great set of earbuds too. Most users would certainly be better off buying their smartwatch and cordless earphones individually but those that want a brand-new handle wise wearables can consider Huawei's 2-in-1 approach.

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