TVS introduces SmartXonnect S10X and S20X intercom devices, pricing starts at Rs 8,499

TVS, a widely known Indian motorcycle manufacturer, has recently introduced its first-ever intercom devices in partnership with JBL. The new line of product, called SmartXonnect, consists of 2 variations - S10X and S20X - and is solely designed for the riding community.

TVS Racing Efficiency Equipment, the company's efficiency department, has designed the intercoms to provide to the interaction needs of riders while they get on the move. The SmartXonnect devices are equipped with JBL sound technology, which offers crystal-clear sound quality, production it easy for riders to communicate with each various other, pay attention to songs, or take telephone call.

The S10X variation enables rider-to-pillion intercom, while the S20X can connect up to 20 devices at the same time. Both variations feature advanced technologies such as sound weave intercom, energetic sound termination, and vibrant quantity control, which decrease history sound while ensuring that the sound quality remains consistent no matter of ambient sound degrees.

TVS introduces SmartXonnect S10X and S20X intercom devices, pricing starts at Rs 8,499

TVS introduces SmartXonnect S10X and S20X intercom devices, pricing starts at Rs 8,499

The SmartXonnect intercoms are also IP67 certified, which means they are water resistant and can be used in all weather. They come with trip Lynk, a global intercom that allows riders to get in touch with various other riders, no matter of the brand name of their device. Furthermore, the intercoms are Siri and Msn and yahoo articulate assistant-enabled, production it easier for riders to earn phone telephone calls, pay attention to songs, and browse while on the move.

The S20X variation also features OTA (over-the-air) updates, which means that users can upgrade their devices wirelessly, ensuring that they constantly have access to the newest performances and features.

The SmartXonnect S10X and S20X are valued at INR 8,499 and INR 10,999, specifically. The devices come with a quadrilateral design and a flip-up antenna, production them easy to mount on any safety headgear. The intercoms also feature a three-button layout, production them easy to use while riding.

Overall, the SmartXonnect intercom devices from TVS offer a variety of advanced features and performances, production them an important device for any biker that desires to stay connected and improve their riding experience. With the partnership with JBL, TVS has guaranteed that the sound quality is top-notch, which is crucial for effective interaction while riding.

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