TWS Earbuds From Absolutely nothing Sub-Brand ‘Particles By XO' Found On Oriental NRRA Accreditation

Back in December in 2015 it was reported that Absolutely nothing is functioning on a sub-brand called ‘Particles by XO'. It was listed as made by Absolutely nothing in a firmware. We also obtained dripped makes of the sub-brand's first TWS earphones. Previously this month, the sound device was also found on the Bluetooth SIG accreditation website. Currently, it has appeared on the Oriental NRRA accreditation website which also reveals the earphone's design.

TWS Earbuds From Absolutely nothing Sub-Brand ‘Particles By XO' Found On Oriental NRRA Accreditation

The Bit by XO TWS earphones are listed on NRRA accreditation with model number B154. They are produced by Absolutely nothing Technology Limited. The listing also shows the design of the earbuds and it corroborates the formerly dripped makes. It has a unique peanut-shaped design and appearances slightly just like Sony LinkBuds. The earphones feature an L-shaped form factor and the design appearances minimalistic. The approaching earbuds don't appear like anything that's available in the marketplace. Aside from this, the accreditation listing doesn't expose any additional information of the sound device.

The Bluetooth SIG accreditation exposed that the Bit by XO TWS earphones will support Bluetooth 5.2 connection and will come pre-loaded with firmware variation As each a previous record, the firmware from Nothing's web servers exposed that the Bits by XO TWS earphones will feature energetic sound termination and reduced latency high-def sound codec (LHDAC).

TWS Earbuds From Absolutely nothing Sub-Brand ‘Particles By XO' Found On Oriental NRRA Accreditation

On the other hand, Absolutely nothing recently introduced the Ear (2) TWS earphones with the same clear design as its precursor but with step-by-step upgrades. They are equipped with an 11.6mm vibrant chauffeur with a brand-new double chamber design that's said to improve the overall sound quality. The TWS earphones feature ANC up to 40dB together with 4 settings of wise flexible sound termination and a openness setting. There's Clear Articulate technology together with improved resistance to wind sound. The Absolutely nothing Ear (2) comes with Hi-Res sound, LHDC 5.0 codecs, and reduced lag setting.

New Absolutely nothing earbuds found in listing and they appearance a bit nutty

The earbuds are a big separation from Nothing's various other earbud offerings.

Nothing's new TWS earbuds were found in the NRRA accreditation data source.The listing reveals a peanut-shaped design that ditches the clear design viewpoint.The earbuds are expected to support Bluetooth 5.2.

A couple of months back, it was exposed that Absolutely nothing could be launching a sub-brand that passes the name "Bits by XO." Currently a accreditation listing has exposed the design of the first item that may launch under this sub-brand — real cordless stereo (TWS) earbuds.

As found by MySmartPrice, a accreditation listing that appeared in Korea's Nationwide Radio Research Company (NRRA) accreditation data source has exposed new earbuds made by Carl Pei's Absolutely nothing. Although the listing does not inform us a lot about the device, it does give us a couple of information.

The earbuds concerned have the model number B154 and they feature a peanut-like design. Not just is this various from the various other earbuds Absolutely nothing has introduced, but it is also various from anything in the marketplace. In another separation, it appears these earbuds will not follow the clear design viewpoint of Nothing's various other earbuds either.

These pictures mirror the makes that dripped a couple of months back many thanks to tipster Kuba Wojciechowski. It was because of this leakage that we also learned about the sub-brand Bits by XO.

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