The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 family has larger batteries compared to the Watch5 devices

Samsung's approaching Galaxy Watch6 family is expected to be revealed together with the company's next-gen foldables, probably at an August event. While we wait for summer to show up, we're obtaining some more information about the devices that will comprise the Watch6 family, including the Professional.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 family has larger batteries compared to the Watch5 devices

The Galaxy Watch6 will be offered in two dimensions, as will the Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Thanks to an accreditation listing from a regulatory authority in China, we currently know that these will share battery capabilities for the smaller and bigger dimensions, respectively.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 family has larger batteries compared to the Watch5 devices

Both the Galaxy Watch6 40mm and the Galaxy Watch6 Classic 42mm will have a 300 mAh battery. Both the Galaxy Watch6 44mm and the Galaxy Watch6 Classic 46mm will have a 425 mAh battery.

By the way, both of those capabilities are greater compared to what we saw in 2015, when the Galaxy Watch5 needed to make do with 284 mAh for the 40mm dimension and 410 mAh for the 44mm dimension.

A current report declared that Samsung would certainly restore the turning bezel this year, speculating that it would certainly occur for the Galaxy Watch6 Professional, but it could very well feature in the Classic line too, and thus the chunkier bezel is probably what explains the 2mm jump in dimension compared with the vanilla models.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 leaks start with two larger batteries.

If you are waiting for Samsung to announce the Galaxy Watch 6, we might have some information for you. We can't inform you when the watch will be announced, but we might have the ability to give you an idea of what might go inside it.

Particularly, a brand-new leak shows up to offer some understanding into what batteries Samsung means to put into the Galaxy Watch 6.

We say batteries because there are two: one for the smaller-sized models and one for the larger Galaxy Watch 6 models. The new batteries were found on a southern Oriental regulatory website by the Samsung enthusiasts at The entrances show up to verify that there will be 2 batteries being used under the model numbers EB-BR935ABY and EB-BR945ABY. The first of those will be used for the 40mm variation of the watch, which itself has the modern number SM-R93x. The second one is, of course, the bigger 44mm variation, which will be sold with the model number SM-R94x.

When it comes to the capabilities of these 2 batteries, the smaller of the two will have an advertised capacity of 300 mAh and a ranked capacity of 295 mAh. To put that into perspective, both numbers for the Galaxy Watch 5 were 284 mAh and 276 mAh, specifically.

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 6's battery has an advertised capacity of 425 mAh and a ranked capacity of 412 mAh. That isn't all that away from the 410mAh and 397mAh numbers of the Galaxy Watch 5.

This of course means that there will be larger batteries in this year's models, but that does not always imply that we can anticipate better battery life and much longer time between charges. Samsung could intend to include a brand-new sensing unit, a much faster chip, or some other feature that will require more battery capacity to keep the watch ticking along.

We're still a ways from Samsung revealing the Galaxy Watch 6, of course, but we may well see more information leak before anything is made official. That is most likely to occur a lot later on in 2023, so lots of time yet.


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