Waymo brings its fleet of new self-driving SUVs to Austin

The fifth-generation self-governing vehicles are obtaining a big test.

Waymo brings its fleet of new self-driving SUVs to Austin

Waymo is bringing a fleet of driverless cars to Austin, Texas as an examination of its new fifth-generation automated driving system. The vehicles will be evaluated around the city, consisting of midtown, the Capitol, Market various other locations and Area. The vehicles that Waymo is testing in Austin are new all-electric Jaguar SUVs, a button from the crossbreed Chryslers it formerly used.

Waymo, a subsidiary of Google's moms and dad company Alphabet, selected Austin as its next city for testing as an homage, of kinds, as it held the first model driverless car in 2015. At that time, the tests were conducted on Waymo's retired Firefly model vehicle, which ran the first generation of Waymo's Chauffeur system. Nowadays, they use a fifth-generation system that is refined and changed throughout the previous 7 years.

Another most likely factor they selected Austin? A Texas specify legislation passed in 2017 determines that cities cannot control self-driving cars. To that finish, the city currently holds a pair of rivals. Ford began testing its Argo driverless system in Austin in 2015 and GM-backed start-up Cruise has also set up shop. The city also plays hold to lots of self-governing delivery rocrawlers.

Waymo will also take benefit of its presence in the city to earn links with and provide solutions for local community companies, such as Moms Versus Intoxicated Driving and the Texas Institution for the Aesthetically Damaged and Blind.

This is an innovation test and not a full-fledged rollout of a self-driving taxi fleet such as the company currently runs in San Francisco and Phoenix az. Still, if the test works out, Waymo could eventually bring legitimate driverless ride-hail solutions to Austin.

Upgrade, 1:35PM ET: This tale is upgraded to reflect that Waymo will not be getting passengers in its cars in Austin. Rather, they're doing testing to improve and assess their self-driving technology in more locations.

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