Samsung presents the Video Cam Hold and Slim Tripod modular devices.

Samsung's Galaxy S23 collection boasts some outstanding video camera equipment, and currently Samsung is giving users a set of devices to take advantage of their video cams. The official Samsung Video Cam Hold and Slim Tripod are modular devices suitable for Samsung's Device Cover situation. The slim, clear silicone situation brings a unique accessory point on the back, which allows you to switch out various devices.

Samsung presents the Video Cam Hold and Slim Tripod modular devices.

The new Video Cam Hold brings a Bluetooth shutter switch that is detachable and a hold location for a more traditional photo-snapping experience. The hold accessory also has a covert tripod within the mount, and it swivels so you can prop up the telephone in various ways. The Video Cam Hold device is available in a single white color and is currently listed on Samsung's UK website, however, without pricing information.

Samsung presents the Video Cam Hold and Slim Tripod modular devices.

The Slim Tripod stand works as its name suggests, enabling you to prop up your Galaxy S23 device on its three steel feet. You can also use it as a vlog hold device with the feet extended and flattened. The Slim Tripod Stand is available in a single silver color and is listed for £34 on Samsung UK's official website. The listed price doesn't include the Samsung Hold situation, which is needed for the new stand accessories and costs £49/$45.

Samsung presents the Video Cam Hold and Slim Tripod modular devices.

Samsung presents modular video camera devices for the Galaxy S23 collection. Two new mounted telephone stands have been found that support the Samsung Galaxy S23 device situation.

Samsung has presented a set of video camera devices designed to deal with the Galaxy S23 series' modular device situation. Both telephone mounts—the Slim Tripod stand and the Video Cam Hold stand listed on a variety of Samsung's online stores—provide versatile options for digital photography, video clip calls, and placing the telephone hands-free. Both devices connect to the S23 Collection Device Situation, changing its default PopSocket-like kickstand hold accessory.

The Slim Tripod is a flexible telephone stand that provides versatile options for placing the device in both landscape and portrait orientations. It features collapsible tripod legs that can be folded up level with the device when not in use. When the legs are flat and not folded up, the mount can be used as a one-handed hold for shooting video. The Slim Tripod is available in silver and is presently listed on the UK Samsung store for £34 (about $41).

The Video Cam Hold Stand is a small, miniature tripod that allows Galaxy S23 phones to stand in either a landscape or portrait orientation, with a detachable Bluetooth shutter switch for taking photos or video clips at a range. Apart from steadiing the device throughout video clips, phone calls, or watching content hands-free (say, watching YouTube in the bathroom or TikTok while cooking), the stand can also be slanted at an angle for additional versatility while filming. The tripod legs of the installation device can be broken down and hidden within the body of the stand, making it easier to carry. The video camera mount isn't available to purchase via the UK store; however, we found the telephone mount on Samsung's Hong Kong store for HK$385 (about $45).

Neither of the new video camera installs is listed on the US store yet; however, that is most likely to change. We have reached out to Samsung to clear up US pricing and accessibility, and we will upgrade this tale should we listen back.


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