iPhone 15: What to anticipate from the next-gen iPhone

The iPhone 14 is an interesting enhancement to Apple's mobile phone collection, not just bringing improvements to the video cam system but unique features such as satellite connection and integrated car crash discovery. There is also the iPhone 14 Professional range, presenting the first 48Mp video cam on an iPhone together with Apple's brand new Vibrant Island and always-on display technology too.

iPhone 15: What to anticipate from the next-gen iPhone

Of course, that will not quit Apple from functioning on the future generation of iPhone behind shut doors at Apple Park.

The question is, what should you anticipate from Apple's next-generation iPhone 15? While it is very early days, here is all there's to know up until now, from launch day and pricing conjecture to very early rumours about the specifications and features we think the phones will consist of.

Find out more about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Professional individually if you are more interested in the present iPhone line-up.

When will the iPhone 15 be launched?

Apple has the tendency to upgrade its iPhone range on a annual basis with a pretty foreseeable schedule, which means we should anticipate the iPhone 15 to show up at some point in September 2023.

iPhone 15: What to anticipate from the next-gen iPhone

Barring the postponed launch of the iPhone 12 because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Apple has favoured September reveals for its front runner iPhone range since the launch of the iPhone 5 back in 2012.

There are records from mid-January 2023 that the iPhone 15 is currently in test manufacturing at Foxconn in China, giving manufacturers and Apple lots of time to iron out any manufacturing problems before launch later on this year. It is well worth keeping in mind that this is about 2 weeks previously compared to usual, giving Apple a couple of extra weeks to iron out problems and secure lots of stock in time for introduce.

How a lot will the iPhone 15 cost?

While the iPhone 14 range matched the pricing of the iPhone 13 range in the US, the same can't be said in areas such as the UK, where the standard iPhone 14 is £70 more expensive, and the iPhone 14 Professional is available in at an extra £150 compared with in 2015.

  • iPhone 14: From $799/£849
  • iPhone 14 Plus: From $899/£949
  • iPhone 14 Professional: From $999/£1,099
  • iPhone 14 Professional Max: From $1,099/£1,199

The question is, should we anticipate the same with the iPhone 15? Of course, it is much prematurely to say for certain, but Apple has the tendency to maintain the pricing at the same harsh degree - however money changes could see price increases such as those in the UK this year.

In truth, that is what rumours recommend - however the price hike could be special to the iPhone 15 Extremely, rumoured to be the new name for the Professional Max model.

Leaker LeaksApplePro claims that the iPhone 15 Extremely could begin at an enhanced $1,299 in the US. Pricing for various other areas had not been provided, but provided that the 512GB iPhone 14 Professional retails for the same price, which equates to £1,429 in the UK, it appears rational that those prices would certainly use here too.

That could imply a prospective increase of $200/£230, an particularly hard tablet for UK followers to ingest. However, the leaker says that it isn't set in rock right now and Apple could also be considering a $1,199 price (about £1,309), however that still stands for an increase compared with the present top-end model.

The leaker claims that factors consisting of an updated titanium frame, a dual-lens selfie video cam, and 256GB of minimal storage space - together with inflation and an increase in manufacturing costs - are responsible for the price hike, but this is all unconfirmed in the meantime.

Tim Cook has made it clear that a cost increase goes to the very least feasible, discussing the determination of followers to pay extra for premium models throughout an profits call.

"I think individuals are ready to truly extend to obtain the best they can afford because category," Cook said in reaction to a concern about the rise in the average iPhone prices, which makes sure to fuel conjecture that this year's iPhones will get back at more expensive.

What to anticipate from the iPhone 15 specifications

While we're still quite some time far from seeing the future generation iPhone, that hasn't already quit the ol' rumour mill from spinning. In truth, if very early records are to be thought, there could be some big changes in store for the whole iPhone 15 line-up.

More power

iPhone 15: What to anticipate from the next-gen iPhone

This one's an easy guess - it happens every year besides.

We're anticipating Apple to reveal a brand-new A17 Bionic chip to power the Professional models, while updating the routine models to last year's A16 Bionic.

At the same time, market experts TrendForce record that Apple will "bump up the capacity and specs of the DRAM solutions featured in the future generation of the iPhone that's scheduled for launch this year."

That means more much faster efficiency, and RAM. The record does not define which phones will obtain a bump, but formerly the company had reported that the iPhone 15 Professional will jump from 6GB of RAM up to 8GB, so that is still the best guess.

Another feasible Professional perk originates from leaker Unknownz21, common via MacRumors, that found an antennae representation that shows up to expose that the Professional models will be obtaining an update to the much faster and more dependable Wi-Fi 6E standard this year, while both less expensive phones will not. That will not issue to you too a lot unless you have a Wi-Fi 6E router - or regularly connect to one at the office, perhaps - but it's an important bit of future-proofing Apple is currently behind the competitors on, and it appearances such as just the Professional models are capturing up.

A revitalized design

The iPhone 14 range certainly appearances premium, but the same could be said of the near-identical iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, which is to say that it is a couple of years since Apple upgraded the design of its mobile phone range - but that could change with the iPhone 15.

The rumour come from via leaker ShrimpApplePro, that required to Twitter to claim that the iPhone 15 Professional phones will have titanium sides, a major update also compared with the stainless-steel finish of the iPhone 14 Professional range.

That is not the just design change rumoured though; ShrimpApplePro also recommends that the back side of the sides of the telephone will be spherical, enabling the frame to contour right into the back of the telephone that "will produce a truly beautiful side shift from the back to the video cam bump".

The leaker said that it is still very early days which we should "take it as it's", which basically means with a big stack of salt, and later on remarks from LeaksApplePro - another leaker - recommends it is much from set in rock. Speaking with Forbes in December 2022, they claim that while the transfer to curved sides is under "solid factor to consider" from the group at Apple, the change is yet to be finalised.

Shrimp has since returned with CAD makes of the Professional model exposing that curved titanium body, but also showing modifies to the phones' switches. The quantity switches have combined to become one solitary switch - apparently with haptic comments - while more controversially the silence slider has become a silence switch.

9to5Mac also obtained CAD makes for the 15 Professional, and they expose more considerable changes. For one, there is a a lot more visible video cam bump, which you can see plainly in this contrast of the 15 and 15 Professional video cams (plus a preview of a USB-C port - more on that particular down listed below).

The Professional packs more benefits, consisting of a thinner bezel about the display - the thinnest in any telephone yet inning accordance with leaker Ice World - and 9to5Mac also believes it knows what this year's unique version colour for the Professional models will be - a deep, dark red, which you can see their mock-up of listed below:

Vibrant Island for all

The Vibrant Island - that's, the revamped Face ID cut-out - of the iPhone 14 Professional is easily among its stand-out features, but it might not be a Professional special for lengthy.

Inning accordance with display industry expert Ross Young, Apple means to bring the revamped Vibrant Island system to the whole iPhone 15 range next year.

We can see that in CAD makes for the phones common by 9to5Mac. Here it's seen in the routine iPhone 15, however the website also shows it in the bigger 15 Plus.

Rather, Young anticipates the 120Hz LTPO display technology to earn a look on the standard models in 2024, most likely with the iPhone 16.

Young has provided an outstanding variety of display-related leakages over the previous couple of years - he was amongst the first to tease 3 dimensions of Apple Watch, and got on the cash with Apple's Vibrant Island the very first time about - so he's certainly a resource well worth taking note of.

It is also well worth keeping in mind that Apple leaker Note Gurman concurs with Young's forecast, keeping in mind in a January 2023 version of his Power Up! e-newsletter that both standard models of iPhone 15 are readied to obtain the Vibrant Island update later on this year.

Leaker ShrimpApplePro counts on Vibrant Island for all too, also including that the phones in the collection will obtain a somewhat curved bezel about the screen - so while the display itself will be level, the very sides will have a small curvature.

There may be various other upgrades in store for the Professional models, with leaker @chunvn8888 coverage that those phones remain in development with new Samsung M13 panels - however with no indicator of what specifications those displays might have, it does not give us a lot to take place.

The switch to USB-C

Apple has combated off switching to USB-C on its iPhone range for many years despite doing so throughout its iPad range, however with installing stress from the EU with a brand-new legislation that'll force mobile phone manufacturers to switch to USB-C by 27 December 2024, it appears Apple is finally giving up - however it is not especially happy about it.

Discussing the new legislation in a meeting with the Wall surface Road Journal in October 2022, Greg Joswiak, elderly VP of worldwide marketing at Apple, conceded loss.

"Federal governments reach do what they're mosting likely to do and certainly we will need to conform, we have no choice," he said when inquired about the new judgment.

However Joswiak decreased to discuss exactly when the iPhone would certainly make the switch, the makes over recommend that Apple prepares to move over to the new port this year.

We think we've currently seen photo proof of that, many thanks to the listed below picture initially common (but since erased) by URedditor on Twitter. We see what's plainly a USB-C port built right into a cleaned steel frame - and the leaker includes that they think USB-C will be found on every iPhone 15 model, and not simply the Pros.

There's conjecture that Apple could just deliver USB-C-enabled models to nations in the EU - it offers an e-SIM-specific variation of the iPhone 14 in the US, so it is not an unusual idea - but it is most likely that it'll simply make the switch worldwide to prevent billing complication amongst various models.

Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that he thinks all this year's new iPhones will adopt USB-C (recommending the same approach worldwide) but includes an enjoyable crease: just the Professional and Max will support broadband information move equivalent to USB 3.2 or much faster, with both routine models limited to the same USB 2.0 rates that Lightning was limited to. Most individuals will not be moving enough information over USB-C to notice, but it is a strange specification to stint.

Remarkably, one record on Chinese social media Weibo recommends that Apple will develop an authenticator chip right into the iPhones' USB-C ports which could be used to limit efficiency or limit functionality with USB-C cable televisions and devices that have not themselves been certified by Apple.

That would not be unprecedented, as the company basically currently does the same point with Lightning. But there may be some questions as to whether that violates the EU's stipulations about global compatibility, and it is also well worth keeping in mind that the company currently has USB-C ports in several iPads and MacBooks without using any comparable verification chips.

Improved video cams

While the iPhone 14 Professional and iPhone 14 Professional Max saw considerable acquires in the video cam division with the intro of a brand-new 48Mp sensing unit, the vanilla iPhone 14 delivered with the same 12Mp snapper as the iPhone 13. That is good to go to change with the iPhone 15 if rumours are to be thought.

Inning accordance with expert Jeff Pu of Haitong Intl Technology Research, Apple is planning to present the same main 48Mp sensing unit as the iPhone 14 Professional range to the standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. Considering the new main lens also brought with it quad-pixel technology, second-gen sensor-shift OIS, and outstanding acquires in low-light digital photography, it is a invite enhancement to the standard iPhone 15.

While it still will not have the ability to take on the iPhone 15 Professional video cam range, still doing not have a dedicated telephoto lens, the main 48Mp snapper should have the ability to provide a 2x electronic zoom with no noteworthy decrease in quality, giving users more versatility in their digital photography.


The iPhone 14 collection introduced in the US with a shock omission: SIM card trays. The phones went eSIM-only for the American market, and conjecture is currently swarming that the remainder of the globe will follow quickly.

We have no idea what's coming for certain, but French website iGen has reported that the iPhone 15 models will launch in France without a physical SIM port. And if that is real, it will probably coincide in the UK et cetera of Europe.

That does not always imply it will hold true worldwide. While eSIM fostering is expanding in the US and Europe, it is been slower in some various other markets, so it is most likely that Apple will stick to physical SIM trays in some areas for at the very least another year or more.

The iPhone 15 Extremely

While the iPhone 14 Professional and 14 Professional Max sporting activity the same feature set, that hasn't already constantly been the situation. In truth, up until the launch of the iPhone 13 Professional range, there were small distinctions in Apple's Professional mobile phone collection.

A lot similarly that the 12.9in iPad Professional flaunts slightly more premium features compared to the 11in model, the Professional Max model of iPhone has typically offered slightly better specifications, usually in the video cam division.

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