Apple's Weather application is broken for many users (upgrade: resolved)

You will need another solution to see if it is chilly outside.

Apple's Weather application is broken for many users (upgrade: resolved)

You might not want to depend on Apple's integrated Weather application to see if you need a coat today. As Apple's condition web page verifies, many users are coverage that the application isn't packing information on all the company's systems, consisting of macOS and iOS. We've asked Apple for remark, but the alert pins the issue (at first limited to Alaska) on a "information provider outage."

The company kept in mind the problem late Monday, but it is still ongoing since this writing. Apple hasn't already provided an approximated time for restoring weather information. MacRumors says some users have had periodic problems with the Weather application since the launch of iOS 16.4 recently.

The outage comes a couple of months after Apple closed down Dark Skies for iOS, but years after the company began incorporating Dark Sky's information right into its Weather application. The shift and the glitch aren't always connected, but this isn't great information for Dark Skies users who've needed to use Apple's software to obtain the fine-grained forecasts they're used to. In the meantime, you will need to depend on third-party applications or the internet to know if you should carry your umbrella.

Upgrade 4/4 3:17PM ET: The company's condition web page currently says the issue was dealt with since this mid-day.

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