Google eliminates 5 million file development top for Own after reaction

The company silently executed the limit over the previous weeks.

Google eliminates 5 million file development top for Own after reaction

Google has changed its song and removed the file development limit it silently executed for Own over the previous weeks. In a Twitter announcement (via Android Police), the Google Own account said it is curtailing a "system upgrade to... item limits" that was made to "protect optimize efficiency and security." The technology giant said it just ever affected a handful of users, but it is currently exploring alternative approaches to ensure stable efficiency for all.

Several Own users have encountered a mistake showing their submit had failed which they could not exceed a development limit of 5 million items since February. A Google representative recently verified to Ars Technica that it had instituted a 5 million file development top to "prevent abuse of [its] system in a manner that might impact [its] safety and security." While Google didn't mention the top in its new announcement, that is exactly how it explained the change it has decided to curtail.

Google captured flak not simply for placing a ceiling on how many files an individual can make, but also for not warning individuals about it. The development top affected paying users, besides, also those signed up for the highest Google One rate that is supposed to provide up to 30TB of storage space. It was very a lot feasible to hit the file number top before getting to that storage space limit for those that often make or submit smaller sized files. Additionally, Own does not have a respond to that could caution users that they're coming close to the 5 million file development top.

Profits, it had not been the best approach to prevent Own abuse, and not informing users about it beforehand was perhaps as bad the limit itself. Google guaranteed in its announcement that if it decides to integrate changes to the shadow storage space solution in the future, it will communicate them to users in advance.

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