OnePlus Nord Buds 2: An Affordable Successor with a Slight Price Bump

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 represent the most recent budget-friendly iteration of last year's Nord Buds, serving as a successor to the previous model. Although they remain among the most economical earbuds offered by OnePlus, the Nord Buds 2 are priced at $59, which is $20 higher than their forerunner.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2: An Affordable Successor with a Slight Price Bump

For that price, the Nord Buds 2 include energetic sound termination, production them the most affordable OnePlus earbuds with this feature as well as among the most affordable sets of earbuds you'll find on the marketplace from a reliable brand name with this feature. Is that enough to validate the price bump? Let's find out.


OnePlus Nord Buds 2: An Affordable Successor with a Slight Price Bump

The Nord Buds 2 have a somewhat modified design from the previous model. The situation has the same basic form but the sides have been curved, prominent to a more spherical form. The new situation is also ever so slightly smaller sized compared to the previous one. Such as the previous one, the new situation has great in shape and finish for the price but no IP score.

The new situation also has a lighter grey color with a metal shine to it. The body is a lighter color of grey compared to the cover and has a fascinating multicolor pattern, which initially glimpse appearances such as dirt. The rear of the situation has a USB-C port for billing and a pairing switch that's so purge with the surface it is hardly noticeable.

The earbuds follow the theme of having actually a somewhat modified variation of the older design. They have the same level pill-shaped stems but the increased round touch location is currently inset right into the body with a shiny clear plastic rather than the chrome finish. The stems have the same multicolor look, which in this situation almost appearances such as the earbuds are protected in dandruff. Perhaps someone should have thought about that before drawing the trigger on the paint.

No matter of the changes and the paint job, the Nord Buds 2 are still very distinctive and cool-looking earbuds. They are also quite small and light and were comfy over lengthy sessions. The earbuds feature an IP55 score, production them dirt and waterproof.

Software and features

The Nord Buds 2 can be controlled through Bluetooth setups on OnePlus phones or through the HeyMelody application on various other iOS phones and Android. The earbuds have the same basic feature set as the initial Nord Buds but with a pair of enhancements.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2: An Affordable Successor with a Slight Price Bump

The significant new feature here's energetic sound termination. You can either transform it on or off or switch to the openness setting. There's no automated or manual degree modification available here neither any custom adjusting for your ears.

The sound can be tuned through the Sound Grasp EQ food selection. Here, you have 4 presets available together with a choice to produce custom accounts using a 6-band EQ. A brand-new feature here's BassWave, which was presented with the OnePlus Buds Professional 2. It is supposed to be a formula that dynamically changes your sound but actually, it is simply another bass handle. You can both increase or decrease the bass degree with a favorable or unfavorable offset.

The Nord Buds 2 also offers great control over touch motions. You can solitary, double, and three-way tap, and each of these can be changed or handicapped for each ear. You can designate play/pause, track previous/next, articulate aide, or video game setting but sadly, there's no option for quantity control. You can push and hold to switch in between ANC settings and a lengthy touch and hold to switch for your formerly paired device.

Both the EQ and earbud control feature changes are saved money on the earbuds themselves, which means they carry over to whichever device you set them to, also if that device doesn't support the application.

Sadly, a big omission of the initial Nord Buds is carried over to this model, which is the lack of in-ear discovery. The earbuds have no idea when they are worn or removed, which means they cannot play or pause accordingly. Similarly, the ANC remains energetic also if you remove both earbuds, and removing simply one earbud does not switch to openness setting on the various other earbud.

This would certainly have been a great feature to consist of over the initial model. I would certainly presume as to say I prefer to have in-ear discovery over ANC, at the very least the kind of ANC that the Nord Buds 2 comes with, but more on that particular later on.


Sound quality

The Nord Buds 2 has the same 12.4mm vibrant drivers as the previous model. They still support the same SBC and AAC codecs although the Bluetooth variation is upgraded from 5.2 to 5.3, which does not imply anything for sound quality.

In regards to sound quality, the Nord Buds 2 are very just like the initial with small adjusting distinctions. The default EQ account is called Balanced, which is paradoxical considering it's incredibly bass hefty. The bass is instead thick and lumpy with excessive mid-bass power. It works with some genres and tracks but also really feels overbearing and unneeded on others.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2: An Affordable Successor with a Slight Price Bump

The vocals have a smooth and pleasant tonality on this preset. Voices have a great timbre and content such as podcasts sound pleasing because of the included heat. The mid-range might not stand apart in the blend, particularly beside the bass, but isn't sunken or pressed back as holds true with most various other traditional tunings.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2: An Affordable Successor with a Slight Price Bump

The treble has a likewise smooth power to it with no sudden peaks or sibilance. The Nord Buds 2 includes a little bit of extra shimmer on top compared with or else similar-sounding Nord Buds adjusting, which does make it a little bit more balanced compared to its precursor, which was all about that bass.

Thankfully, as with the Nord Buds, the adjusting of the Nord Buds 2 can be changed significantly using the presets. The featured Strong preset brings down the bass to more workable degrees while also including more power to the treble. It has the tendency to sound a touch too bright because of the excessive treble boost and the vocals take a rear seat, seeming instead mediocre, also compared with the Balanced preset.

The Serenade preset is all about the mid-range and is probably one of the most balanced presets here overall. The mid-range is a touch too ahead and nasal seeming compared to it should be but or else it has one of the most sensible treble adjusting and bass.

The Bass preset is basically the Balanced preset with much more bass and a touch extra treble. The BassWave setting can be used to include much more bass in situation you prefer not to listen to anything else but a better use for it's to set it to -5 on the Balanced preset so you can transform the bass to a more sensible degree while still enjoying the smooth treble adjusting and mid.

The custom EQ works but limited by the 6-band EQ. Also, the bass, also at its most affordable setting, can still get on the greater side. Still, using the over contour, I had the ability to obtain the earbuds to sound respectable, at the very least as much as the regularity reaction is worried.

That apart, the sound is thoroughly mediocre and there is very little you can do to improve that. Information and resolution are okay but also not outstanding. The sound is also quite boxed-in, seeming mostly stuck inside your going

with hardly any sense of space also on spacious tracks.

Apart from small adjusting distinctions on the preset and the BassWave setting, the Nord Buds 2 sound very just like the Nord Buds. It is not as if there was no room for improvement but OnePlus decided to focus its attention on various other aspects for the sequel.


Such as their precursor, the Nord Buds 2 have remarkably great microphone quality. There's a small metal tone to voices but apart from that they sound very all-natural with great history sound reductions. If you simply need something for articulate phone telephone calls these would certainly work very well.

Sound termination

The Nord Buds 2 have energetic sound termination, a function not found on their precursor. As mentioned before, it is a simply on/off feature with included openness setting.

The degree of ANC is mediocre at best. Customarily, there's some attenuation in the lower regularities and a little bit in the mids but very little in the highs. The earbuds themselves, however, have good easy seclusion, so overall the effect is still good. The openness setting is similarly not great but defeats needing to take the earbuds out.

On my made-up 5-point range, with 4 being the present best ANC application and 0 being no ANC, the Nord Buds 2 would certainly be a 1 at best. It is still better compared to no ANC but I'm not truly certain if I would certainly prefer to pay extra for it.


The Nord Buds 2 have excellent latency efficiency. On OnePlus phones, video games will immediately trigger the low-latency video game setting while you need to enable it by hand when using the HeyMelody application. Once allowed, the latency is remarkably reduced and perfectly functional for most video games. Video clip playback isn't a problem either on mobile phones as the video clip gamer will immediately sync to offset the delay.

Points are various with computer systems as there's no automated syncing and this is where most Bluetooth items break down. Thankfully, because the Nord Buds 2 have a fairly reduced latency by default, also without the video game setting and auto syncing the earbuds perform quite well. The latency is rather visible with high frame rate video clip but not a lot with 24fps content and also much less so if it is computer animated. Video pc gaming, however, isn't suggested.


The Nord Buds 2 had no connection problems and the earbuds functioned reliably every time.

Battery Life

The Nord Buds 2 have a declared battery life of 5 hrs of continuous playback with ANC allowed and 7 hrs with ANC handicapped. Throughout my testing, I obtained 6 hrs 13 mins with ANC allowed and 8 hrs 34 mins with ANC handicapped. These are a reasonable bit greater compared to estimated numbers apart from being varieties by themselves so you're not visiting me grumbling.

After a 10 min charge from level, the earbuds bet 2 hrs 25 mins with ANC on and 3 hrs 16 mins with the ANC off.

Final thought

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 are a moderate update over their precursor. They appearance comparable, they sound comparable, and they have a likewise great microphone, battery life, and latency.

The enhancement of ANC may not deserve the extra price relying on your region; I certainly would not suggest paying the extra $20 in the US and you're better off obtaining the still good first-generation model for a currently discounted $29. In India, the price distinction is just INR 300, where situation the new model is the one to obtain.

Overall, however, the Nord Buds 2 are a great set of entry-level earbuds. I would certainly have truly suched as to see in-ear discovery as that is my main issue with the earbuds. The sound quality also isn't great but if that is your priority after that go wired and get a set of 7Hz No or Moondrop SSR. But if you want to stay with cordless after that the Nord Buds 2 are a good pick in this price range.

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