SpaceX's Starship will carry an SUV-sized wanderer to the Moon in 2026

The Astrolab FLEX can transport freight, individuals and equipment.

SpaceX's Starship will carry an SUV-sized wanderer to the Moon in 2026

While its next-generation rocket has yet to fly, that is not quiting SpaceX from booking Starship trips. On Friday, a start-up called Astrolab exposed that it had recently authorized a contract with Elon Musk's private space firm to reserve an area on an uncrewed Starship freight objective that could introduce as very early as mid-2026. "This is SpaceX's first industrial freight contract to the lunar surface," Jaret Matthews, CEO of Astrolab, informed The New York Times, including his company was among a couple of customers associated with the trip.

Astrolab is building a car it wishes will someday carry equipment, supplies and individuals throughout the lunar surface. The Versatile Logistics and Expedition (FLEX) wanderer has to do with the dimension of a Jeep Wrangler, production it a little bit larger compared to NASA's Determination wanderer on Mars. It also features a robotic equip for helping with freight and can travel up to 15 miles each hr. Oh, and FLEX can carry up to 2 astronauts.

Once it arrive at the Moon, Astrolab claims FLEX will become the biggest wanderer to travel the lunar surface. Matthews informed The Times Astrolab currently has customers waiting to use the wanderer to carry freight throughout the 2026 Starship objective. Looking further to the future, Matthews said FLEX could assist with building a long-term human presence on the past and Moon. "Eventually our objective is to have a fleet of wanderers both on the Moon and Mars," he said. "And I truly think I see these vehicles as the drivers eventually for the off-Earth economic climate."

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