The Palestinians have expressed their condemnation of EU President Ursula von der Leyen for using what they perceive as a "racist stereotype

The statement comes after von der Leyen referred to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a "conflict between Israelis and Palestinians," during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Palestinians have criticized her language, arguing that it erases the Palestinian identity and portrays them as a monolithic group.

Several Palestinian officials have voiced their concerns over von der Leyen's language, with one calling it "disappointing and unacceptable." They have urged the EU to take a more balanced approach to the conflict and to recognize the Palestinian perspective.

Von der Leyen's comments have also sparked backlash from some European politicians and human rights groups, who have accused her of whitewashing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and the ongoing human rights violations committed against Palestinians.

The controversy highlights the deep-seated tensions and sensitivities surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the need for careful and respectful language when discussing it.

The Palestinians have expressed their condemnation of EU President Ursula von der Leyen for using what they perceive as a "racist stereotype."

Palestinians have explained comments about Israel by the going

of the European Compensation as "unsuitable, incorrect and discriminatory".

It complies with a congratulatory video clip message by Ursula von der Leyen on Israel's Self-reliance Day on Wednesday.

In it she applauded Israel, consisting of for having actually "made the desert bloom".

It has triggered an uncommon diplomatic spew in between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the European Union (EU), its main donor.

A representative for the compensation informed the BBC: "The EU is unpleasantly surprised by the unsuitable declaration of the Palestinian international ministry implicating the head of state of the European Compensation of racism."

"We are asking for information from the Palestinian authorities regarding this inappropriate response to her video clip."

The reaction of the Palestinian international ministry is an unusual solid rebuke to a leading number in Brussels, with which it typically has great connections.

The PA distinguished Ms von der Leyen's recommendation that Israel had cultivated barren land, calls it an "anti-Palestinian racist trope".

The expression "production the desert bloom" is commonly used by Israel and its backers to explain what they deem the country's success in developing the land since the founding of the modern specify in 1948.

However, Palestinians suggest that it erases their background and recommends that the land was formerly unoccupied or untended.

The PA is requiring an apology from the European Compensation head of state.

"Seventy-five years back, a desire was realised with Israel's Self-reliance Day," Ms von der Leyen said in her message. "After the best disaster in human background, the Jewish individuals could finally develop a home in the guaranteed land."

"Today, we commemorate 75 years of vibrant freedom in the heart of the Center Eastern, 75 years of dynamism, innovative developments and resourcefulness. You have literally made the desert bloom, as I could see throughout my visit to the Negev in 2015."

The PA declaration explains the message, dealt with to Israel's Head of state Isaac Herzog, as "propagandist discussion" and component of an "ongoing dispossession" of Palestinians.

The PA claims it "dehumanizes and erases the Palestinian individuals and falsifies their abundant background and civilization".

Additionally, it says that the European declaration "whitewashes" Israel's occupation of lands Palestinians claim for their hoped-for future specify and rejects what they call "the Nakba" (Arabic for "disaster") of 1948.

Some 700,000 Palestinians run away or were forced to leave their homes in the battle that complied with the Israel's development.

Palestinians note Nakba Day on 15 May inning accordance with the Gregorian schedule, while the timing of Israel's Self-reliance Day complies with the Hebrew schedule.

Some Palestinians on social media have also criticised or buffooned the European leader, consisting of for her remarks about common worths with Israel.

The European Compensation belongs to the exec of the European Union.

The spokesperson for the compensation stressed the EU's diplomatic ties with the PA, explaining that Ms von der Leyen met PA Prime Priest Mohammed Shtayyeh when she visited the area in June 2022.

They said a conference to co-ordinate the delivery of worldwide aid to the Palestinians was because of occur in Brussels next week.

"The EU is proactively looking for solutions for the challenging circumstance of the Palestinian individuals," they included.

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